Class for a gauss point, that has a position (1D-3D) and a weight.

It also contains the strain and the stress tensor.

#include <ChGaussPoint.h>

Collaboration diagram for chrono::fea::ChGaussPoint:

Public Member Functions

 ChGaussPoint (int n, ChVector<> *coord, double w)
 Constructor; n number of the gauss point, coordinates of the point, w weight.
virtual ~ChGaussPoint ()
ChVector GetLocalCoordinates ()
 Returns local coordinates.
void setLocalCoordinates (ChVector<> &c)
ChVector GetCoordinates ()
 Returns absolute coordinates.
void SetCoordinates (ChVector<> &c)
virtual double GetWeight ()
 Returns integration weight of receiver.
void setWeight (double w)
int GetNumber ()
 Returns number of the point.

Public Attributes

 Matrix of partial derivatives: to obtain strain & stress.
ChStrainTensor Strain
 Strain tensor.
ChStressTensor Stress
 Stress tensor.