chrono::ChGenericConstraint_Chf Class Reference


Constraint between parameters in a ChFunction This is the base data for all types of constraints which define relations between parameters of a ChFunction (mostly, of type ChFunctionSequence).

#include <ChGenericConstraint.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ChGenericConstraint_Chf (ChFunction *mRootFunct, char *mTreeIDs)
ChFunctionGet_root_function ()
ChFunctionGet_target_function ()
ChRefFunctionSegment * Get_target_reference ()
virtual bool RestoreReferences (ChFunction *mroot) override
 This may be overloaded by child classes. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from chrono::ChGenericConstraint
bool IsValid ()
 Tells if the constraint data is currently valid. More...
bool IsDisabled ()
 Tells if the constraint is currently turned on or off by the user.
void SetDisabled (bool mon)
bool IsActive () const
 Tells if the constraint is currently active, in general, that is tells if it must be included into the system solver or not.
const ChVectorDynamicGet_C () const
 Returns the matrix of residuals (a column vector with Cn elements.
virtual int Get_Cn ()
 Returns the number of equations in this constraints (the size of the C residual vector)
void Reset_Cn (int mCn)
 Changes the number of equations in this constraints (reset the size of the C residual vector).
virtual bool Update ()
 Compute the residuals (vector 'C') of the constraint equations, where C=0 is for satisfied constraints. More...

Protected Attributes

ChRefFunctionSegment target_function
- Protected Attributes inherited from chrono::ChGenericConstraint
bool valid
bool disabled
int Cn
 constraints equations in this constraint
ChVectorDynamic C
 residual matrix

Member Function Documentation

◆ RestoreReferences()

bool chrono::ChGenericConstraint_Chf::RestoreReferences ( ChFunction mroot)

This may be overloaded by child classes.

Argument should be the 'database' where the reference restoring takes place. Should return false if referencing was not possible. Should set valid=true/false depending on referencing success.

Reimplemented from chrono::ChGenericConstraint.

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