chrono::ChStaticAnalysis Class Referenceabstract


Base class for static analysis.

#include <ChStaticAnalysis.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ChStaticAnalysis (ChIntegrableIIorder &mintegrable)
virtual ~ChStaticAnalysis ()
virtual void StaticAnalysis ()=0
 Performs the static analysis.
virtual ChVectorDynamicget_L ()
 Access the lagrangian multipliers, if any.
ChIntegrableGetIntegrable ()
 Get the integrable object.
virtual ChStateget_X ()
 Access the state, position part, at current analysis.
virtual ChStateDeltaget_V ()
 Access the state, speed part, at current analysis.
virtual ChStateDeltaget_A ()
 Access the acceleration, at current analysis.

Protected Attributes

ChState X
ChStateDelta V
ChStateDelta A
ChVectorDynamic L